Holly is another one of Dr. Edward Bach’s Bach Flower Remedies. This particular remedy is associated with addressing negative emotions related to anger, hatred, jealousy, and other feelings of hostility or aggression. Holly is often recommended for individuals who experience such emotions and find it challenging to cultivate feelings of love, compassion, and understanding towards others.

Here are some key emotional and psychological characteristics that may indicate a need for Holly:

  1. Anger and Irritability: Individuals in need of Holly may have frequent outbursts of anger or irritability, often without apparent reason. Their anger can be intense and disruptive.
  2. Jealousy and Envy: Holly can be beneficial for those who struggle with feelings of jealousy or envy towards others, especially when these emotions are causing distress.
  3. Suspicion and Mistrust: People who are overly suspicious or mistrustful of others may benefit from Holly. They may have difficulty forming close relationships due to these feelings.
  4. A Lack of Love and Warmth: Holly individuals often feel a lack of love in their lives, either because they have difficulty giving love or receiving it from others.


The Holly flower essence is believed to help individuals open their hearts and let go of these negative emotions. It is thought to promote feelings of love, empathy, and compassion. By taking Holly as a remedy, individuals may become more accepting, forgiving, and open to the positive emotions that foster harmonious relationships with others.

Bach Flower Remedies are generally considered safe and can be used alongside other forms of treatment. However, it’s important to consult with a qualified Bach Flower practitioner or a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate remedy and dosage for your specific emotional or psychological needs. These remedies are designed to address emotional well-being and should not be used as a substitute for professional mental health care when necessary.

HOLLY – HATRED, ENVY, JEALOUSY, SUSPICION. Unconsciously, these people suffer from insecurity yet project aggression to the world at large. They lack the ability to feel love.

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