All new clients are required to complete a health intake form which provides necessary contact and medical information allowing me to provide the best session for your needs. Any client coming in for a Shiatsu bodywork session can also fill out the Shiatsu intake form which allows for subsequent Shiatsu sessions to be customized to the clients complaints. (These forms are also available at the office to fill out before your session.)

Your health and the health of all of our clients matters to us. To ensure that all of our clients are treated fairly and are able to receive treatment in a timely manner, Abhaya’s Garden asks that you provide at least 24-hours notice if you need to change, reschedule or cancel your appointment. If you change or reschedule your appointment without providing us with 24-hours advance notice or fail to keep your appointment (if you are a no-show) you will be charged a fee of (fee $75).

To change or cancel an existing appointment, please contact us at email or phone or reschedule your appointment online. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.