Larch is one of the 38 remedies in the Bach Flower Remedies system, which was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 20th century. Bach Flower Remedies are a form of alternative medicine that use flower essences to address emotional and psychological imbalances. Each remedy is associated with a specific emotional state or personality trait.

Larch is primarily used to address feelings of self-doubt and lack of confidence. People who might benefit from Larch often experience the following symptoms or emotions:

  1. Self-doubt: They have little faith in their own abilities and often assume they will fail before even trying.
  2. Lack of confidence: They may avoid challenges and opportunities because they believe they are not capable of succeeding.
  3. Fear of failure: They have a fear of making mistakes or being embarrassed in front of others.
  4. Comparison to others: They frequently compare themselves to others and feel inferior in comparison.


The Larch remedy is intended to help individuals regain their self-confidence and belief in their abilities. By taking Larch flower essence, people may find the strength to take on challenges, pursue their goals, and overcome the fear of failure.

Bach Flower Remedies are typically taken orally in the form of drops diluted in water or other beverages. It’s important to note that these remedies are not meant to replace traditional medical treatments for physical or mental health conditions but are considered complementary or supportive remedies for emotional well-being. If you’re interested in using Bach Flower Remedies like Larch, it’s advisable to consult with a qualified Bach Flower therapist or a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about their use to determine if they are appropriate for your specific situation.

LARCH – LACK OF SELF-CONFIDENCE, FEELS INFERIOR. Fears failure. They may be secretly aware that they really do have the ability they admire (without envy) in other, yet these people simply won’t try for fear of failing.

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