Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities


Reiki brings energetic balance, which brings harmony to the recipient physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


Reiki is universal healing energy that was first accessed at the turn of the 20th century by Master Mikao Usui, a devoted practitioner of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

Benefits include – bringing the recipient into a meditative state, increased healing in tissue and bone after surgery or injury, improved immune system, natural self healing, relief of pain and tension, increased well-being of medical patients who are receiving treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and kidney dialysis.

There have not been any known cases of Reiki interacting with medications; on the contrary, Reiki has even been known to aid with side effects from anesthesia, radiation treatment and chemotherapy. Cancer patients claim that reiki has helped with pain management, relaxation, and side effects of treatment like nausea and stomach upset.

Usui Reiki

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Reiki Benefits

Individuals treated with reiki healing energy often report the following benefits:

Sounds affect all three human levels: the physical, mental and spiritual:

  • deep relaxation and muscle regeneration
  • pain relief for joints, muscles, sciatica, headache and migraine, the digestive system, headaches and migraine, spine injuries, shoulders, improved blood circulation
  • better digestion
  • atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in a more synchronised way
  • better energy flow
  • elimination of toxins from the body
  • better immune system
  • relaxed mind, mental/emotional tensions and blockages are eased
  • better concentration
  • inner feelings are activated and released
  • more energy and strength in everyday life
  • alleviated mental or emotional pain
  • improved self-confidence, boosted creative and productive potential
  • a positive feeling of self
  • better balance and harmony in your life
  • experiences of bliss
  • cleansing of chakras (energetic centres and the nadi – astral channels)
  • a higher frequency reaches our innermost essence, which boosts our energy and our vibrational level
  • the way to a more intense and higher vibration of love is open

What to Expect in Your Session

The Reiki healing treatment will be provided in a safe, comfortable and calm environment. Using a series of hand positions, I will gently place my hands on or above you and work from head to toe which will enhance the balancing and healing experience.
As a trained and certified Reiki Master, I allow this energy to flow through me to you. Energy goes to the areas in the body where it is needed and releases physical, mental, and emotional blockages. It provides you with exactly what you need and brings you into a deep state of relaxation and restoration.

Within the Reiki treatment itself I often use dowsing as a scanning tools. Pendulum dowsing is a quick and accurate way of establishing energy flow and blockages in a client, particularly where scanning by hand is for some reason not possible. By using a pendulum and dowsing over each chakra the energetic status and well-being (i.e., being balanced/under energised/over energised) of each chakra can be determined. During the Reiki treatment I am then guided by this awareness to focus on specific chakras if necessary. A quick check-in with the pendulum after a treatment will confirm the effectiveness of the treatment by indicating the new post-treatment status of the energy body of the client… the pendulum usually confirms that the energy body is now healthy, balanced and vibrant with a comfortable, rhythmic clockwise swing!

Through the session, I might use Tibetan singing bowls. Besides their traditional use for meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation and muscle regeneration, to relieve pain in the joints, muscles and shoulders, to ease pain related to sciatica, the digestive system, headaches and migraine or spine injuries, to improve circulation, release tensions or blockages, to open the energy flow, eliminate the toxins from the body. When we relax with the sounds of Tibetan bowls or the gong, our concentration improves and our emotional tensions and blockages are eased. The sound with its vibrations can ease mental or emotional pain (low self-esteem, worries, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia). Tibetan singing bowls and their unique tones are used to stabilise blood pressure, to ease asthma related issues, to renew the functioning of the adrenal gland, to open and stabilise the meridians and to improve the synaptic responses in our brain. They also help children with hyperactive disorders and they stimulate the immune system.

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Questions About Reiki?

Reiki is ideal for nearly any physical, emotional, or spiritual disturbance in the body. I have found Reiki to be especially helpful in the treatment of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment, fibromyalgia, and a huge range of other traumas, diseases, and afflictions.
Reiki does not claim to cure or diagnose any illness, but many have found their symptoms lessened- and in some cases alleviated- over time.

Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You will remain clothed throughout the session.

Individual experiences range from person to person, but some common sensations are tingling, warmth, and a deep sense of relaxation. After your session you will feel relaxed, energized and at peace as balance is restored to your body. You may feel increased clarity, truth, insight in different areas of your life.

There are none! A sense of profound and deep relaxation is the usual outcome of a Reiki session.