Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem is one of the 38 remedies in the Bach Flower Remedies system, which was developed by Dr. Edward Bach to address emotional and psychological imbalances. Each remedy in this system is associated with specific emotional states or personality traits.

Star of Bethlehem is primarily used to address the emotional distress and shock resulting from a traumatic experience, either recent or from the past. People who might benefit from Star of Bethlehem often experience the following symptoms or emotions:

  1. Shock and trauma: They have experienced a sudden, unexpected shock, loss, or trauma, and they are still emotionally affected by it.
  2. Emotional numbness: They may feel emotionally numb or disconnected as a way of coping with the trauma.
  3. Persistent distress: They may have recurring nightmares or flashbacks related to the traumatic event.
  4. Difficulty in recovering: They struggle to move on from the traumatic experience and find it hard to regain emotional equilibrium.


Star of Bethlehem flower essence is intended to help individuals release and heal from the emotional scars of past or recent trauma. It can provide comfort, soothing, and a sense of inner peace, allowing them to process their feelings and move forward in the healing process.

Bach Flower Remedies like Star of Bethlehem are typically taken orally in the form of drops diluted in water or other beverages. While these remedies can provide valuable emotional support, they are not a substitute for professional therapy or medical treatment in cases of severe trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They are considered complementary remedies for emotional well-being and are often used alongside other forms of treatment.

If you or someone you know is dealing with trauma or PTSD, it is crucial to seek the guidance of a qualified mental health professional who can provide appropriate care and treatment. Bach Flower Remedies like Star of Bethlehem can be used as part of a holistic approach to healing but should not replace professional therapy when necessary.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM – FOR ALL THE EFFECTS OF SERIOUS NEWS OR FRIGHT FOLLOWING AN ACCIDENT, ETC. There are those who suffer serious distress and unhappiness under adverse conditions.

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